Our Team

This page shows the various team members of the Sons of Issachar organisation.  If you wish to contact any of them directly their contacts details can be found below their picture. 


Kurt Oliver

Kurt Oliver is an evangelist. He is currently the director of Sons Of Issachar

  • Email - Kurt@sonsofissachar.co.za


Shane Cox

Shane Cox is the operations and events manager.

  • Email - shane@sonsofissachar.co.za

Alex cupido

Alex Cupido

Alex is the assistant director. He is the head media, events and marketing.

  • Email - alex@sonsofissachar.co.za


Charney Oliver

Charney Oliver is the Personal assistant to the Director.

  • Email - charney@sonsofissachar.co.za

Elanor and wyatt

Wyatt & Eleanor

Apostle Wyatt Fabe and Eleanor are the secretaries.

  • Email - wyatt@sonsofissachar.co.za


Ferlin Steyn

Ferlin Steyn is the treasurer for sons of Isaachar.

  • Email - ferlin@sonsofissachar.co.za